Medical Billing and Coding Certification in Wisconsin

There are currently more than 4200 medical billing and coding specialists employed in Wisconsin, and the good news is that that number is expected to increase exponentially over the next few years. The BLS projects a national 21% increase, and Wisconsin will see their fair share of new positions for billers and coders. The need for more certified experts in this field is partially due to the transition to electronic digital records, as well as the rising 13.7% senior population in Wisconsin.

With salary expectations between $35,110 and $49,870 per year, medical billing and coding is an exceptional career with tremendous promise. Even better, students who pursue dual certification in both fields through an associate’s degree program can begin a home based billing and coding business and enjoy the ultimate in workplace freedom.

Working as a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist in Wisconsin

Billing and coding work often takes place in a fast-paced environment, particularly if you work in a busy physician’s office or hospital. Expect to handle a lot of paperwork, medical charts, and prepare to deal with other medical providers and patients on a daily basis. Coding experts generally take the charts first in an effort to translate them into a correlating code that is internationally recognized, which helps create electronic medical records. Billing specialists will use these codes to create invoices and bills for patients and insurance carriers. Billers often handle any billing disputes, set up payment plans, and ensure that their employer is paid.

Medical Billing and Coding Training in Wisconsin

Take time to ensure that any medical billing and coding training that you are considering is accredited to qualify you to take the certification examination post-graduation. You can easily double-check an institution’s credentials with reputable certifying groups like the American Academy of Prof. Coders or the American Medical Billing Association.

Medical Coding: Your medical coding program will educate you concerning the most commonly used internationally coding systems, one of which is the ICD-9. This system will be updated to a IDC-10 version in 2014. Many of the top schools will prepare you for this switch by also teaching the future version. Expect to learn medical terminology and software, as some of the most common diagnosis subcodes in use before you attempt to pass the CPC or your specialty exam.

Medical Billing: Medical billing programs in Wisconsin will prepare you to pass the CMRE exam for official certification. In such training, expect to learn common coding systems in use today, medical terminology, and current patient privacy laws in place. Furthermore, prepare yourself to become astute within accounting and the billing procedures for insurance and Medicare carriers in your school.

Is Learning Medical Billing and Coding Online Right for You?

Certainly, online courses aren’t for everyone, as you have to be motivated, a self-starter, and able to stay on task with keeping up with scheduling and assignments – without an instructor to answer to each day. However, you meet the above description, a hybrid or online medical billing and coding program in Wisconsin can meet your needs just as well as traditional classes. Accreditation is the key when choosing any school and you will still learn all the skills you need to succeed on the certification exam and on the job. Often, online billing and coding programs can be completed in less time and at less cost than in-person ones – and that can be a big relief! Find an accredited billing and coding program near you below.