Medical Billing and Coding Certification in Tennessee

Are looking for a new career working in medical technology that will provide you ample security for the future? Then you might want to consider becoming a medical billing and coding specialist in Tennessee. With nationwide 21% projected increases in the demand for these certified experts, you can expect to have plentiful job opportunities within the state.

There are a few reasons that billers and coders will see a surplus of positions, one of which is the rising 13.4% senior population in Tennessee, who place a high demand on medical professionals. A secondary reason lies in the national pressure and additional funding provided to the state to transition all paper medical records to a more accurate, convenient electronic format. This is the job of billing and coding specialists, and in some cases the state may be able to help pay for your education with this national funding.

Working as a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist in Tennessee

Because they are often discussed in conjunction with one another, many mistakenly believe that billing and coding are one career when if fact, they are two separate fields. Some people opt for a dual certification in both fields through and associate’s degree program and do both careers simultaneously.

Coding specialists are primarily responsible for confirming any information in a patient’s records when they are in question. They then take each procedure, diagnosis, or test performed on a patient and translate it into an international coding system that is utilized by their employer for billing purposes. Billing specialists then take over, confirm the codes used by the coding expert, and then establish a patient bill or insurance claim for any responsible carriers.

Medical Billing and Coding Training in Tennessee

One of the most important facets of finding the right medical billing and coding training is to ensure its accreditation status with certifying organizations like the American Academy of Prof. Coders or the American Medical Billing Association. Only accredited schools will get you qualified to take your certification exam upon completion of the program.

Medical Coding: Currently, the commonly used coding system is the ICD-9, which will update to the IDC-10 in 2014. Many of the top coding schools are teaching this system already to prepare students for the future. Furthermore, in your training, expect to learn medical terminology, software skills, and the legalities of patient privacy in the workplace before taking the CPC exam for certification.

Medical Billing: Your billing specialist education will prepare you to pass the CMRE exam for certification, and you will learn the most common coding systems, as well. Additionally, plan to concentrate heavily on accounting practices, medical software and terminology, and the proper methods of filing insurance and Medicare claims in your program.

Is Learning Medical Billing and Coding Online Right for You?

If you are a fresh high school graduate or have been out of school for a while, heading to courses on campus may not be what you are looking for. There are numerous hybrid courses, which are half online and half in-person that might fit the bill for your billing and coding education. However, if you really are short on time and money, online medical billing and coding programs in Tennessee might be the perfect solution. These types of courses will qualify you for certification just like a traditional program, but they often take less time and cost less money. Find some great medical billing and coding training in Tennessee below, and get started today planning for your future.