Medical Billing and Coding Certification in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania medical billing and coding training is a hot ticket to the fast track to success. As one of the BLS’s projected fasted growing careers, billing and coding certification is an excellent option for those interested in medical technology. The increase in demand for these experts if fueled primarily by two factors: Pennsylvania’s 15.4% growing senior population, and the major transition from paper documentation to electronic medical records.

The average salary of a Pennsylvania medical billing and coding staffer is $34,200, but those with experience and certification often earn more with some professionals reporting annual incomes of nearly $50,980. Employers prefer billers and coders to be certified because of the intricate nature of these positions, which are vital components of the daily operations of any medical facility.

Working as a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist in Pennsylvania

As a fast-paced career and one that requires confirming medical details expect to handle a lot of paperwork and to make many phone calls throughout the day as you do you work. Coders, in particular, take medical charts, lab results, and physician’s notes and place each procedure with a code. These codes tell billers how much each procedure costs, and how to properly bill each service to the responsible party or insurance provider.

Medical Billing and Coding Training in Pennsylvania

When looking for an accredited medical billing or coding program, seek out their status from certifying organizations such as the American Academy of Prof. Coders or the American Medical Billing Association. Only an accredited program will ultimately qualify you for official certification in your specialty.

Medical Coding: In medical coding training, you will learn various coding systems like the ICD-9 and the upcoming ICD-10 system. Expect to learn medical terminology, the most common diagnoses today, and to become familiar with the most up-to-date medical coding software programs. The last step will be to master the CPC exam for certification.

Medical Billing: In medical billing training, you will also learn the common coding systems and most current medical billing software programs to prepare for the CMRS exam. Other topics you will master will include medical terminology, billing procedures, legal/privacy issues, and accounting skills.

Is Learning Medical Billing and Coding Online Right for You?

If you just don’t seem to have the time to get to the classroom in person for your courses, you should consider a hybrid or online medical billing and coding program in Pennsylvania. Often less expensive and time consuming than traditional certification programs, online classes are highly convenient. Keep in mind, you must be self-motivated and have the ability to stay current with courses and testing even with these programs. Find the right accredited billing and coding classes for you below.