Medical Billing and Coding Certification in New York

New York’s health services sector is looking strong for the future, and the United States BLS is predicting a 21% increase nationally specifically for medical billing and coding specialists. The state should see a fair share of these increases as the demand on the medical industry is growing as exponentially as New York’s 13.5 percent senior resident population. Further propelling the need for the medical information processors is the growing need for experts to help transition medical records from a paper format to electronic records.

Salary expectations statewide are somewhat higher than the national average, and New York medical billers and coders average $39,970 with top earners brining in around $52,300 per year. Holding medical billing and coding certification as well as an associate’s degree will enhance your desirability with employers and could help put you at the top end of wage earners within the profession. Earning an associate’s degree during training permits students to earn both billing and coding certification concurrently.

Working as a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist in New York

One perk of these professions is the option to operate a home-based business or the freedom to choose from a variety of medical environments to offer your services. Some facilities operate around the clock and allow billers and coders to work rather flexible hours. Daily operations as a coding specialist differ slightly from a billing specialist as these are two distinct careers even though they work closely together.

Coders have the tedious task of translating complex medical records and diagnosis reports into a coding system dictated by their employer. Billers use these codes to prepare insurance claims and statements according to their correlating code in the internationally recognized system. Billers additionally handle the accounts receivable aspect of their institution and make sure their employer gets paid in a timely fashion.

Medical Billing and Coding Training in New York

Finding excellent training can be complex, but you can abridge the process by thinning down the options to only those that are accredited and recognized by the state. Organizations like the American Assoc. for Professional Coders and the American Medical Billing Assoc. These are great resources to check when confirming accreditation status of a medical billing and coding program in New York.

Medical Coding: Time in the classroom will keep you focused on the various coding systems, primarily the ICD-9, which you can expect to be replaced by the 10 version in 2014. Organizational skills, software program operations, and general accounts requisitioning courses will prepare you to pass the CPC Exam for licensure.

Medical Billing: Your online or classroom training as a medical biller will also cover the international coding systems, but expect to have a good deal of coursework covering insurance, Medicare, accounting practices, and the privacy and legal aspects of the trade. Mathematical and analytical skill sets are mandatory in this position, as well as attention to detail if one has hopes of passing the Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist exam after completing the program.

Is Learning Medical Billing and Coding Online Right for You?

If you are just too busy to head to a classroom every day to gain your education, you aren’t alone. Almost half of students today have some experience with distance education, and innovative hybrid programs make it possible to do a combination of in class and online learning. Online medical billing and coding programs in New York aren’t hard to find, but you want to discover one that is accredited, affordable, and that will treat you like more than a tuition fee. Find some fantastic accredited online medical billing and coding programs below.