Medical Billing and Coding Certification in New Hampshire

New Hampshire medical billing and coding specialist are always in demand because this states permits residents to make amendments to medical records and also due to a rising senior population of more than 13%. Not only that, but the state stands to receive nominal incentives to make the transition to electronic medical records, which should cause the demand to increase even further according the statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The average salary for a certified medical billing and coding professional in New Hampshire is $34,930, right on average with the rest of the nation; however, some in the field report an excess annual salary of $52,900. Because billers and coders have a lot of autonomy in their schedule and work options, potential income is very flexible. Earning medical billing and coding certification in New Hampshire will enhance your job opportunities and increase income potential significantly.

Working as a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist in New Hampshire

Expect busy days within both of these fields, and handling paperwork is a large bulk of the responsibilities of the professions. Many people regard billing and coding together, but these are two separate careers and each has its own educational and certification requirements to prepare you for the field. Medical coding experts primarily take medical records on paper and correlate them with an international code that in turn lets billing experts properly bill insurance companies and patients. As you can see, they work together quite a bit, but billers are also responsible for ensuring that their company gets paid.

Medical Billing and Coding Training in New Hampshire

Without doubt, the most pertinent aspect of selecting a school is to ensure its accreditation by a certifying organization such as the AAPC or the AMBA. There are other agencies, but these are two of the more accepted with candidates. Without accreditation, your program may not qualify you to take the licensure exam, making your education for naught. You can earn certification in both trades through an associate’s degree program, and many employers prefer to hire staff with at least a two-year degree.

Medical Coding: An accredited medical coding program will educate you on the most common coding systems including the ICD-9, which will switch to the ICD-10 in 2014. You might learn some of the latter depending on when you enroll in a program. Precision, organization, and proficiency in software utilization is necessary to succeed in passing the CPC exam post-graduation.

Medical Billing: An accredited medical billing program will prepare you to pass the Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist Exam, and you can expect to learn the common coding systems. Much of your education will center on insurance processing, the Medicare program, accounting procedures and how to handle requisitioning bills.

Is Learning Medical Billing and Coding Online Right for You?

Sitting around in a classroom all day isn’t for everyone, especially for students that are short on and time and money. However, hybrid and distance education medical billing and coding programs in New Hampshire make it a breeze to gain the skills you need to become certified quickly. Often more affordable than traditional classroom studies, online billing and coding certification courses can make dreams that seemed out of reach a real possibility. Find a great online or hybrid school near you below.