Medical Billing and Coding Certification in Mississippi

The slow economy isn’t doing the state any favors, but there is a beacon of light near the horizon, particularly for those in the health services industry. Fueled by an increasing elderly population that needs more healthcare and the passage of the Mississippi Health Care Industry Zone Act, jobs for those in medical services will experience significant growth. Medical billing and coding specialists will be especially in demand, as last year’s act calls for an influx of experts at all levels.

The US Labor Bureau predicts a 21 percent increase in these jobs nationwide, and Mississippi will also see increases because of incentives being offered by the government to make a full transition to digital medical records – these expert’s specialty. The mean wages of a Mississippi medical biller and coder is lower than the national average at $27,500, and earning proper certification is the best way to make more and enjoy greater job opportunities.

Working as a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist in Mississippi

Whether you opt for medical billing training or medical coding training, expect to spend many hours at a workstation pondering over paperwork. Coding experts must take each patient’s charts, medical exam results, and diagnoses and correlates them to a specific medical code. This code tells billers what services to place onto a patient bill or to submit to an insurance company for reimbursement processing. These professionals must be detail-oriented and possess exceptional multitasking skills to successfully fulfill their role in the workforce.

Medical Billing and Coding Training in Mississippi

Only consider enrolling in a billing and coding program that is accredited, meaning that they are recognized by national certifying agencies such as the AAPC  and the American Medical Billing Association. Only an accredited institution will qualify you to take the mandatory licensing exam post-graduation. Those seeking dual certification may want to consider enrolling in an associate’s degree program for concurrent billing and coding training, as opposed to separate licensure; however medical coders must enroll in an two-year program from the start.

Medical Coding: Coding programs place heavy emphasis on learning the various coding systems used in medical environments today. Coders will also become knowledgeable about specialty and diagnoses codes, as well learn how to operate medical software programs vital to accurate recordkeeping and auditing. Passing the CPC Exam is the last step to licensure.

Medical Billing: Billing students will learn most of the information that coders do, but their programs carry a greater emphasis on processing claims and bills. Insurance and Medicare have become complex operations, and billing experts are the middleman that often has to haggle with these organizations to get their employer paid and claims processed. Passing the CMRS examination will complete the licensure process.

Is Learning Medical Billing and Coding Online Right for You?

If you enjoy the one-on-one educational experience, then attending classes in person might be a good fit. However, if you lack the time and money it takes to head to campus for every class, a hybrid – half Internet/half campus – or online medical billing and coding program in Mississippi might be the ultimate solution. Often more affordable and less time consuming, distance education is the wave of the future that permits just about anyone with the desire to attend classes and earn certification. Find the right accredited courses to launch your career below.