Medical Billing and Coding Certification in Maryland

As a medical billing and coding professional in the state of Maryland, you can expect to have job security and earn higher wages than the national average within the field, according to the US Labor Bureau. This organization also predicts a 21 percent increase nationwide for these professionals, as major technological transitions are pending industry wide.

The increasing pressure for medical providers to make the transition from an outdated paper system to a simplified digital system for medical records is really taking medical billing and coding to new heights. Average wages for billers and coders statewide are just over $40,000 per year with the 90th percentile earning as much as $63,500. Certification in the field may not be mandatory, but it certainly is likely to increase your job prospects and earning potential.

Working as a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist in Maryland

You need to be exceptionally detail-oriented and a solid multitasker as a biller or coder, and the ability to communicate effectively with others is required. Much of your daily routine will involve processing large amounts of paperwork in very particular ways, and accuracy is especially important when dealing with the care of patients. Medical coding involves transitioning notes from medical staff into a specific coding system. These codes are utilized by medical billers to create invoices and claims for insurance companies or financially responsible parties.

Medical Billing and Coding Training in Maryland

There’s nothing more important than ensuring accreditation when looking for a medical billing and coding program in Maryland. Only schools recognized by reputable certifying groups like the CAHIIM and the AMBA will ultimately qualify you to take the proper certification exam upon completion.

Medical Coding: Coding students are required to earn a two-year degree, and they should expect to become experts within the most common coding systems including the CPT and HCPCS types. A complete understanding of the international disease classification system will achieved, as well. Be prepared to learn software systems, subcode translations, and extensive record keeping skills before you complete the program and take the CPC Exam.

Medical Billing: Billing students will learn the most common coding systems as well, but their studies will delve deeper into the intricacies of handling insurance and Medicare claims. More bookkeeping is required of billers, so greater emphasis will ensure that students are prepared to pass the CMRS Examination post-graduation.

Is Learning Medical Billing and Coding Online Right for You?

Only you know what type of medical billing and coding school you feel most comfortable delving into, but if you lack time and money, one surefire way to get educated is online. A qualifying hybrid or online medical billing and coding program in Maryland will still qualify you for the proper certification exams, and do so without requiring personal class attendance or carry the hefty price tag that often accompanies traditional learning environments. Find the right school for your billing and coding education below.