Medical Billing and Coding Certification in Maine

The education and health industry is strong in Maine, and that leaves a lot of growth within the sector of medical billing and coding employment. Earning certification now can ensure that you are ready for the future, as Maine’s senior citizen population will continue to grow, calling for medical care. Additionally, the government’s push for medical providers to make the switch to digital recordkeeping make the career look promising for the long term, and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics cite a potential 21 percent increase in employment for the field through 2020.

On average, billers and coders in Maine earn a bit less than the nationwide average of $34,000, but those who operate their own home-based business or work full time often earn more competitive wages. Those workers who opt to gain certification in both coding and billing through and associate’s degree program will ultimately enjoy the greatest job mobility and flexible employment options in the future; however, a two-year degree is required of medical coders.

Working as a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist in Maine

Multitasking and processing paperwork fills the days of many billing and coding specialists, as they have the tedious task of making sense of doctor’s notations on charts and decoding complex test results. Coders translate this pertinent information into a specific coding system that a biller then uses to create claims for Medicare and insurance companies. Accuracy is in healthcare and privacy policies are essential, and much of your training will prepare you for this fast-paced environment.

Medical Billing and Coding Training in Maine

Often referred to in conjunction with one another, medical billing and coding are generally two singular career paths. Those who want to work from home operating a small business can embark on a training program that will certify them within both fields; otherwise separate licensing paths are required for each. Regardless of your path, make sure that any program you are considering is recognized by certifying bodies such as the American Medical Billing Association or the CAHIIM.

Medical Coding: As a medical coding student, expect to learn several common coding systems and prepare to spend a good deal of time becoming privy to many of the industry’s subcodes utilized in specialty practices. Another vital aspect of training involves gaining excellent software skills, record keeping practices, and auditing procedures. Once you pass the CPC Exam, your licensure is complete.

Medical Billing: Billers will become privy to the most common coding systems utilized in today’s medical environment. However, the primary focus of your coursework will cover the in-depth procedures and policies required for processing Medicare and insurance claims. The passage of the CMRS Exam completes the licensure procedure.

Is Learning Medical Billing and Coding Online Right for You?

Time, money, and proximity to a medical billing and coding school may play a large part in choosing the right training program. Many students prefer investing in online or hybrid programs because of their convenience and the fact they can help save a good bit of cash. However, you need to be committed to the program to ensure that you stay on schedule in completing all coursework and testing requirements as dictated by the school. Discover some of the top online medical billing and coding schools in Maine below.