Medical Billing and Coding Certification in Kansas

Kansas is currently experiencing a hearty rise in employment, particularly in trades not relating to farming. However, one of the greatest rises lies within the health and medical fields including the need for more certified medical billing and coding experts statewide. On a national level, the Labor and Statistic Report projects a 21 percent increase in jobs for billers and coders, and a good deal of these positions will crop up in Kansas.

Earning certification in medical billing and coding in Kansas is not mandatory, but if you are looking for higher pay, better job prospects, and greater job mobility getting educated and licensed is advisable. With these skills, workers earn and average of $34,000 per year, and those working full time or from home operating a personal business can make as much as $58,500.

Working as a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist in Kansas

Do you want to work as a medical biller, medical coder, or both? That’s one of the initial questions to ask yourself, because these are two distinctly different, but related, fields. Earning an associates degree is mandatory for coders, but it also permits students to earn both certifications simultaneously. Billing and coding specialists must pass a certification exam post gaining the proper education in their chosen field.

Medical Billing and Coding Training in Kansas

Before solidifying any choice concerning where to get your training, you should ensure that the institution is approved and accredited to provide the education necessary to earn proper certification. The quickest way to ensure accreditation is by checking with reputable certifying groups like the American Medical Billing Association or the CAHIIM.

Medical Coding: In medical coding training, you will not only learn the primary coding systems in use today, but you will additionally focus on standard subcodes for use within specialty fields. Accurate recordkeeping, software operations, and basic auditing will also be covered in the classroom. Once you have your education behind you, passing the Certified Professional Coder Exam completes the licensure process.

Medical Billing: Medical billing training will also cover learning the coding systems utilized by hospitals and private practice physicians; however, much of the focus of your coursework will involve learning the claims procedures for insurance companies and the Medicare program. Once you pass the CMRS Examination, your certification will become valid.

Is Learning Medical Billing and Coding Online Right for You?

If time and money are in short supply on your end, then you should consider an online medical billing and coding training program or even a hybrid course. These classes often cost less money, take less time, and some even allow students to learn the entire program at their own pace. It does take dedication and focus to make virtual learning work for you, so if you have the ability to stay on track and meet the commitments required, online medical billing and coding education may be an ideal match. See below for some Kansas online education opportunities to consider.