Medical Billing and Coding Certification in Georgia

Becoming a certified medical billing and coding specialist in Georgia is a great way to cement your future concerning employment opportunities. With nearly 5,000 in the field currently secure in positions, this need for medical billers and coders will rise by nearly 21 percent nationwide over the next ten years if projections by the Dept. of Labor Statistics hold true. Many factors contribute to the increase in demand, primarily the digitization of medical records in hospitals and doctor’s offices today.

Earnings for those who are certified tend to be higher than average with the mean salary in Georgia standing around $33,200 annually. Certification in medical billing and coding only serves to enhance your marketable skills and acumen within the trade, making you an asset to employers. Whether one works in a hospital, clinic, or non-traditional environment such as home, proper licensure is a good idea.

Working as a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist in Georgia

Medical billing and medical coding are very similar in nature; however, they are different careers requiring separate certification procedures and educational routes. What differentiates these professionals is their function in the workplace, although these professionals work in conjunction. Everything medically related including doctor visits, hospital trips, lab work, medical supplies, etc. is assigned a code. Medical coders use the reports and physician’s notes to assign each service a code. Medical billers will take these codes and turn them into legible bills for patients and insurance claims for insurance companies.

Medical Billing and Coding Training in Georgia

Regardless of what type of education you opt for, the most important aspect of choosing a school is to ensure that it is accredited and recognized for certification through reputable organizations such as the American Assoc. for Professional Coders or the American Medical Billing Association.

Medical Coding: Coding specialist will learn all things related to the most common coding systems such as ICD-P and HCPCS, in addition to sub-specialty code translations while in a two-year AS program. Additional studies will focus on software systems, auditing tasks, and managing accurate records. Once your education is complete, prepare for the CPC, or Certified Professional Coders Examination.

Medical Billing: Billing specialists will also learn the most common coding systems, as one of their jobs is to ensure the accuracy of the coder who handled the document. Billers work heavily with patients, Medicare, and the insurance industry, and much of your coursework will relate to those aspects of the profession.

Is Learning Medical Billing and Coding Online Right for You?

Online medical billing and coding classes are ideal for the busy individual who lacks the funding, time or proximity to attend classes in person. As long as it’s accredited, and online training program will qualify you for certification as a medical billing and coding specialists. Hybrid courses are an additional option, which involves both in-person and online coursework, and students have the freedom to choose the most appropriate program for their needs.

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