Medical Billing and Coding Certification in Connecticut

Medical billing and coding employment in Connecticut stands at nearly 2800 professionals and shows no indication of slowing down. In fact, the US Labor Bureau predicts nearly a 21 percent increase in the need for these specialists, largely due to the massive transition that hospitals and other healthcare related providers are making to digital medical records.

With the freedom to start your own business or work in such a variety of medical environments, now is the perfect time to begin exploring how to earn medical billing and coding certification. The average salary statewide is approximately $40,000 for licensed billers and coders, and those with extensive experience or working in a specialty field have the potential to earn even more.

Working as a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist in Connecticut

These two professions are distinct; however, they are commonly referred to in conjunction with one another, and they work closely together when performing their job duties. Within most medical service and equipment provider establishments, all services and medical related tasks are assigned a code. Medical coders translate each service or item listed on a chart or laboratory procedure into a code that medical billers then translate into insurance claims and bills. Through these processes, it is possible to create complete medical records into digital files for each patient.

Medical Billing and Coding Training in Connecticut

Choosing a school that is accredited is imperative for those who desire certification within either field. Use reliable certifying organizations to confirm a school’s eligibility such as the American Medical Billing Association and the American Association for Professional Coders.

Medical Coding: Coding involves working with common coding systems and the international classification of diseases, so that will be a priority in your coursework while enrolled in an associate’s program. Software plays a large role in job execution, as do the processes of auditing and accurate record keeping. Post-education, prepare to take the CPC, or Certified Prof. Coder Examination

Medical Billing: Billing requires knowledge of coding systems and software applications but will primarily focus on learning about Medicare policies and various insurance related tasks. Students will learn how to efficiently multitask to deal with patients, doctors, and confirm information with coders. Post-graduation, prepare to take the Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist Examination.

Is Learning Medical Billing and Coding Online Right for You?

Those who require a tactile, face-to-face environment to learn effectively will certainly want to consider the traditional classroom; however, those with time and financial concerns may discover that hybrid or online medical billing and coding schools are a perfect lifestyle fit. Affordable and convenient, these types of distance learning qualify students to take their appropriate certification exams once they complete the coursework.

See below for some exceptional distance learning opportunities for medical billing and coding training in Connecticut.