Medical Billing and Coding Certification in Colorado

With the favorable conditions reported by the Colorado Dept. Of Labor and Employment concerning the future prospects of those in the medical field, now is an excellent time to consider earning certification in medical billing and coding. The health industry is currently one of the top three employment fields for Colorado residents, with nearly 3,000 professionals in this field placed in positions.

There’s no sign of this growth slowing, and the US Dept. of Labor Statistics predicts a nationwide increases in medical biller and coder jobs of nearly 21 percent over the next decade. On average, CO medical billing and coding professionals earn $40,000, which is on par with the nationwide average. Earning certification puts one at the higher end of the wage scale and permits workers the freedom to work in most any medical environment or chose to start a home business.

Working as a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist in Colorado

Commonly referred to in conjunction with one another, medical billers and medical coders are two distinct professions. Each has a different training process, certification exam, and governing body. However, these two fields are closely related in many aspects, and their job functions are co-dependent on one another. Coding specialists take the charts, notes, and test results of patients and translate them into a code, which a biller then uses to create invoices, claims, and bills for patients. Certainly, there is more to the jobs, but these are their primary focuses in the workplace.

Medical Billing and Coding Training in Colorado

Before enrolling in any medical and billing school, it is imperative to ensure that the institution is accredited and recognized by certifying agencies so that you can complete the licensure process. Billers should consider schools recognized by reputable organizations such as the AMBA, or the American Medical Billers Association while coding professionals will be interested in the American Assoc. For Professional Coders.

Medical Coding: Students will need to earn an associates degree where they will become familiar with all of the region’s most common coding systems such as the HCPCS, ICD-P and CPT, but may learn other methods as they relate to specialty subcodes. Beyond code conversions, coders will learn , innovative software programs, auditing, and record keeping skills. Before earning certification, coders will need to pass the CPC, or Certified Professional Coder Exam.

Medical Billing: Billers will learn the coding systems, and part of their job is to double-check the work performed by coders. Much of your studies will focus on familiarity with the Medicare system, insurance claims procedures, detailed billing processes, and current billing software programs. Once your education is complete, you will pass the CMRS Exam for proper certification.

Is Learning Medical Billing and Coding Online Right for You?

Students looking to save time and money may find that online medical biller and coder education is a perfect solution to their situation. These courses, as long as they are accredited, will make one eligible for proper certification in the same fashion as attending classes on campus. Hybrid courses are a mix of traditional, classroom learning and online coursework, which is suitable for many who prefer the convenience of learning at home but still desire some face-to-face time.

Find the medical billing and coding school in Colorado that’s right for you below.