Becoming a Medical Coding Instructor

Qualified medical coders are in very high demand these days. However, becoming a qualified medical coder requires a person to go complete highly specialized training and education programs. This, of course, means that the demand for highly qualified and experienced instructors is also on the rise.

Medical and billing coders would be unable to perform well in their jobs without the initial guidance of great medical coding instructors. These instructors are responsible for teaching the basic and advanced principles and techniques of all aspects of medical coding. The invaluable information presented by today’s medical coding instructors helps mold tomorrow’s medical coders.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Medical Coding Instructor

Medical coding instructors must have an excellent grasp of medical coding, and understand it inside and out. The main duty of a medical coding instructor is to teach eager students about medical coding and how to use these codes in a practical setting. This usually involves teaching students abot general medical terminology as well as about the different types of medical codes and when to use them.

One of the hardest jobs of a medical coding instructor is being able to get students to understand difficult concepts. To do this, they must be able to break down these concepts and make them easy to understand. Medical coding instructors will go through their lessons and administer tests and quizzes to help make sure that all of the students have grasped these concepts and are ready to move on to more difficult aspects of medical coding.

At times, a student may have a bit of trouble understanding something in a lesson. In these situations, a medical coding instructor must be able and willing to spend a little additional time helping that student to succeed. This usually means spending some one-on-one time with a student.

In addition to teaching lessons and testing students, medical coding instructors will also usually help guide students in the right direction. For instance, they may need to answer questions and give advice on how to earn their certifications, find medical coding jobs, or deal with certain difficult situations during their careers.

Necessary Skills, Education, and Experience for Becoming a Medical Coding Instructor

The ability to communicate ideas effectively is one of the most important skills that a medical coding instructor should possess. A good instructor should be able to explain complicated concepts so they are easy to understand by a layperson. This typically requires a great deal of patience as well.

Because they are responsible for turning out the world’s next medical coders, these instructors must also have a great deal of knowledge and understanding about their field. This usually takes years of training, education, and experience. As a general rule, medical coding instructors must hold a minimum of an associate degree in this area, but a bachelor’s degree in medical coding or health information is preferable.

Medical coding instructors should also have a great deal of experience in this field before they start teaching others the trade. For example, the American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC) requires Certified Professional Coding Instructor (CPC-I) applicants to have at least five years of professional experience. In order to earn your certification as a medical coding instructor, you must also have two letters of professional recommendation, be a member of the AAPC, and complete the AAPC’s instructor training course. To keep up with the certification, instructors must also submit eight continuing teacher units each year.

Tips for Finding a Job as a Medical Coding instructor

A strong resume and years of experience are essential when trying to find a job as a medical coding instructor. Your resume should outline your strongest skills as well as your education, experience, and employment history.

Before you apply to any job listings for medical coding instructors, be sure to do a little research to ensure that the facility offering the job is an accredited medical coding education institute. You will often be able to find job listings on online job boards, as well as at both online and brick and mortar colleges and vocational schools.